Suffolk Identity Theft Lawyer

Protective measures which are designed to prevent identity theft seem to be everywhere these days. The Suffolk courts and law enforcement tend to be vigilant about prosecuting those who steal personal information. Perhaps this is because the public fears identity theft so much.

If you are being investigated for identity theft, it may be time to talk with a skilled fraud attorney about your rights under the law. A seasoned Suffolk identity theft lawyer may be able to help you with your defense.

What Constitutes Identity Theft

As defined by the Code of Virginia §18.2-186.3, identity theft is taking identifying information from someone without permission or authorization with the intent to defraud them or to sell or distribute it. In Suffolk, an individual who is arrested for identity them may be charged with a Class 6 felony if the financial loss is worth $500 or more.

If convicted of a Class 6 felony, a suspect may be lawfully sentenced to one to five years in prison. However, if the value of the impact to the individual’s finances is a larger amount, the charge and sentence could be greater. A skilled Suffolk identity theft attorney may discuss defense strategies and possible sentences with a client during a consultation.

Use of a Person’s Identity to Coerce or Intimidate

By the authority of the Code of Virginia §18.2-186.4, it is unlawful to use another person’s identity for the purpose of coercing, harassing, or intimidating them. This may include publishing them photograph with their name, address, and other personal information. Generally, the violation of this law may be charged as a Class 1 misdemeanor.

However, if the court finds that the alleged perpetrator knew or should have known that the person’s information that they published was a member of law enforcement, they may be guilty of a Class 6 felony.

For this type of conviction, a defendant may need to serve a mandatory minimum of six months in jail. However, a diligent identity theft lawyer in Suffolk may be able to persuade the court that their client should be acquitted on all charges.

Credit Card Theft or Forgery

Another common form of identity theft is credit card theft. With online shopping becoming more available, it may be easier for persons to use another person’s credit card for their own personal gain.

Per the Code of Virginia §18.2-192, it is a crime to steal and use a credit card or its number to defraud another person. Moreover, under §18.2-193, it is unlawful to commit credit card forgery by making a payment device with a stolen or false number. A capable identity theft attorney in Suffolk may have experience with cases involving credit cards.

Reach Out to a Suffolk Identity Theft Attorney Today

Identity theft charges may be addressed swiftly and fiercely by the courts and law enforcement, because local residents may feel afraid that they might have their identity compromised. In Suffolk, a conviction for identity theft may result in a longer period of incarceration, as well as large fines.

If you are being investigated for identity theft or a related charge, it may be wise to contact an experienced attorney right away. An adept Suffolk identity theft lawyer may have the experience necessary to achieve a positive result. Call today to discuss your case and begin forming your defense.