Virginia Beach Title IX Lawyer

In the college and university context, Title IX covers allegations of student-on-student rape, sexual violence, sexual assault, stalking, and sexual harassment. The statute mandates that when allegations of these offenses arise, the school must open an investigation. Sexual assault allegations can also result in pending criminal charges against the student.

If you are facing one of these charges while you are a student at a college or university, you will most likely have to attend a school disciplinary hearing. You may also have to attend hearings or trials in criminal court. Throughout this process, it is not advisable that you represent yourself.

An experienced Virginia Beach Title IX lawyer may be able to represent you in front of a school disciplinary board, as well as a criminal hearing or trial, and advocate for your legal interests. Seek help from a tenacious student defense attorney to learn about your legal options.

What is Title IX?

Title IX is a statute that Congress enacted in the early 1970s. Since it is a federal statute, it applies to all states in the country. The initial intent of the statute was to prevent colleges and universities from discriminating against individuals on the basis of gender or sex.

More recently, though, the statute serves as a basis for requiring American colleges and universities to open an investigation into any and all sexual violence or assault allegations that one student may raise against another student.

Consequences of a Violation

If a college or university accuses a student of sexual assault or violence, the consequences can be tremendous. At the school level, a disciplinary board could revoke a student’s scholarship money. In addition, the school board could vote to suspend or expel the student. If that happens, it will be extremely difficult for the student to obtain admission to another college or university.

In addition to the school disciplinary hearing, a prosecutor could file criminal charges against the student. If the accused student enters a guilty plea, or if a jury finds the accused student guilty of the underlying crime, then a judge could sentence the accused student to criminal penalties, including fines, probation, or jail time – usually depending upon the circumstances and the student’s prior criminal record.

An experienced Virginia Beach Title IX attorney can represent the accused student at a school board hearing and advocate for a favorable result. A skilled lawyer could also represent the student at a criminal merits trial or at a sentencing hearing before a judge.

Why an Experienced Title IX Lawyer is Necessary

In many instances, investigations into student sexual assault allegations are extremely rushed. To avoid publicity, universities often feel hurried to make a quick decision in these cases. Consequently, they forgo a thorough investigation and oftentimes act rashly.

In many instances, at school disciplinary hearings, students do not even have the opportunity to question the individual who accused them of sexual violence. They may not have the opportunity to speak with potentially favorable witnesses either.

Although preventing against sexual violence is obviously a good thing, that does not mean the school should ignore a student’s constitutional and legal rights. A skilled Virginia Beach Title IX attorney can assist by interrogating the accuser, collecting evidence, formulating good legal defenses, and obtaining statements from individuals who may have witnessed the incident.

How a Virginia Beach Title IX Attorney Could Help

If you are currently faced with student disciplinary proceedings at a university or college, you should not forego legal representation and attempt to represent yourself. There is too much at stake.

A Virginia Beach Title IX lawyer can represent you at all school and criminal hearings and make sure that your legal rights stay protected.