Virginia Beach Robbery Lawyer

Robbery is best understood as larceny plus assault. It is taking something from another person using force or the threat of force. The charges associated with robbery are drastic and will leave an impact on one’s life. Consulting with a Virginia Beach robbery lawyer is important to do so right after a charge.

An experienced attorney can help the defendant analyze the case and start crafting a strong defense. Please contact an experienced defense attorney today.

Robbery vs. Theft

To be charged with robbery, there has to be some sort of threat or force.  For example, pickpocketing and purse snatching would not be considered robbery. Those are larcenies because an individual is not making any sort of threat to get that money or get that item.

Additionally, an individual has the stolen item within their possession.  For example, breaking into a house is often considered robbery but, under the law, that is not necessarily robbery if they are not home.

If one is only charged with theft, they should still contact a Virginia Beach theft lawyer. A theft charge can be a felony and can carry up to 20 years in prison. Even misdemeanor larceny is a charge where an individual, in many applications, has to disclose it.  Many times, a person will be in a situation where they may be asked if they have been convicted of a crime involving stealing. If the individual has to disclose it, it can make it very difficult to get a job in the future.

 Theft also does not necessarily require threats or the use of force.  An individual can certainly steal from somebody without becoming physically violent. However, in order to be classified as a robbery, there is at least violence or the threat of some sort of violence.

Plea Deal

In most cases, a Virginia Beach robbery lawyer will go over all the evidence. If the plea offer is better than the risk of going to trial and the potential punishment, then the attorney will encourage their client to take the plea deal.

Information to Have Available

An individual will want to know what their charges are and what exactly they are being charged with available for their lawyer. Additionally, being aware of their court date and being able to tell their lawyer anything they remember about the incident.

If an individual is claiming a case of mistaken identity, they are going to want to be able to show the judge where they actually were on that day. The defendant will need to piece together people who can establish the individual’s whereabouts and documents that can establish where they were.

Importance of an Experienced Attorney

Robbery is a crime that is classified as a felony. It is a violent crime that the court handles very seriously.  An individual should make every attempt to avoid being convicted of a robbery charge if at all possible. An experienced Virginia Beach robbery lawyer will be able to look at the case and see the possible avenues of defense an individual has available.

Additionally, a lawyer can look at problems with the case. For example, maybe there is an issue in identifying the defendant or the victim does not remember all of the details clearly. A Virginia Beach robbery lawyer with experience in these cases can identify the flaws in the case and then use those to convince the prosecutor to work with them on a disposition.

Contact a Lawyer Today

A person should contact a Virginia Beach robbery lawyer as soon as they are able. The sooner an attorney is able to get working on an individual’s case and be able to talk to people, the sooner they can start assembling a possible defense and trying to find out what an individual’s best course of action is.

This is a felony that carries with it up to five years and up to life in prison. An individual will want an attorney who is serious, experienced, and willing to fight for them if necessary. Please contact a Virginia Beach robbery attorney today.